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When you are considering the purchase of a used vehicle, you should be aware of all of the risks associated with buying from an unknown seller. It is the responsibility of the buyer to verify all of the history attached to the vehicle, not the seller to declare it!
Before you buy ANY used vehicle, enter the registration number below for a FREE HPI vehicle identity check, using data stored with the DVLA.


Free hpi check on ALL used UK vehicles. Check Van hpi, Check Car hpi check motorbike hpi, HGV and PSV check also available free!

Your Free Hpi check should have confirmed the information stored with DVLA, confirming the make, model, colour and year of registration. These details are the up to date recorded information used by the police and other organisations to identify the vehicle and they should exactly match the vehicle you are checking. If they do not, contact DVLA immediately to investigate the reason for any discrepancy, do not buy it.

Apart from registration errors, as a buyer of ANY private vehicle, there are other risks that you cannot avoid by simply checking the documentation.

Take a look at any V5 registration document and take note of the statement in the blue background at the top:


This statement removes any liabilty by the DVLA on almost every issue that may arise in the future on any vehicle you purchase.
This is why a Free Hpi vehicle check is so important and should be carried out BEFORE you agree to purchase ANY used UK vehicle.We will verify if the vehicle has been reported stolen, scrapped or ever been written off. We will confirm vehicle details that you should be aware of before completing your purchase.Free Hpi will also check for any third party interest, a search that could save you losing the vehicle and your payment in the future.Where mileage data has been recorded, we can confirm all f the records to give you an indication as to any alterations. This mileage data is again, a very important factor when it comes to valuing the vehicle. If you purchase a vehicle without a Free Hpi check and later discover the mileage to be inaccurate and more than you belived at the time of purchase, you could easily lose up to £100 for every additional 1000 miles discovered.Mileage fraud is a major problem in the auto industry with a large number of vehicles checked proving to have been ‘clocked’.Not only does this devalue the vehicle, it could lead to an unsafe vehicle as parts you believed to have had a number of miles of wear could in fact, be worn to excess. This also applies to major mechanical parts like the cam belt, which when it snaps, in most cases leads to major mechanical damage.With the introduction of electronic MOT submission, mileage data is now being recorded far more successfully, but without actually doing an online hpi check, you are still reliant on the vehicle mileage showing at the time of viewing.Discovering a mileage discrepancy in the future will unlikely allow you any recourse with the seller, so make sure that BEFORE you agree to purchase, Free HPI Check!