Free HPI check your Car now

When you are considering the purchase of a new or pre-owned car you should be aware of all of the risks

  • What does the HPI reveal? (HPI stands for History Purchase Investigation)
  • What is the car valuation?
  • Has the vehicle had an MOT check?
  • What do the Vehicle Registration details reveal?
  • And most importantly a VIN Check.

So where can you find all of these details to perform a free hpi car check?   Entering your vehicle registration details below is your first step


Before you set out to purchase a car,  the free  HPI report is the most important piece of information about a car registration that you can have in your pocket, but you need also to prepare yourself mentally
• Finance or Cash?
Do you need finance or is it a cash purchase? Do you have good credit history if you are planning to obtain finance? You can find tools online that help you calculate your estimated monthly payments, what figure you will need to put down etc. If you have cash you are in a better position to haggle on the car valuation and price that the seller wants.
• What car make and model are you looking for?

Be realistic with what you can afford and which model is best suited to your lifestyle. No point buying a sports car if you cannot afford the car insurance.  Perform a car check on-line to find out which car offers the best consumption on gas for the engine size and then look at prices that model is achieving so you know about the car valuation.
Now you have decided what car you are looking for and your budget, write a list of questions to ask the seller so when you find the car you are not dazzled by the way it looks before you have performed a through car check.
The check list

• Have you checked the HPI? You can use your mobile phone to do a free HPI check on this website, so bookmark the site and take the phone with you to do an on-line car check on the spot.

• Once you have the  free HPI, the next thing to look at is the price and what the car valuation is.

• Is there a valid MOT check there is a valid certificate in place?
• Does the Vehicle registration match the vehicle?
• Do a Vin Check to make sure the details match.
The next obvious step is to start looking around at local dealerships, on-line car checks and private sellers. Very often local dealerships will have some great offers on to attract buyers to certain models of car, but do your research, if they are offering 0% finance it might change the budget on your purchase if you do not have to figure interest into the equation, or is the offer to good to be true?
It is the responsibility of the buyer to verify all of the HPI attached to the vehicle, not the seller to declare it!
Before you buy ANY vehicle, enter the registration number above for a FREE HPI car check, using data stored with the DVLA. These details are the up to date recorded information used by the police and other organisations to identify the vehicle and they should exactly match the vehicle you are checking. If they do not, contact DVLA immediately to investigate the reason for any discrepancy.
Apart from registration errors, as a buyer of ANY private vehicle, there are other risks that you cannot avoid by simply checking the documentation.
Look at any V5 registration document and take note of the statement in the blue background at the top:
This statement removes any liability by the DVLA on almost every issue that may arise in the future on any vehicle you purchase.

This is why a Free Hpi car check is so important and should be carried out BEFORE you agree to purchase ANY UK registered vehicle. We will verify if the vehicle has been reported stolen, scrapped or ever been written off. We will also confirm vehicle details that you should be aware of before completing your purchase. Free Hpi will also check for any third party interest, a search that could save you losing the vehicle and your payment in the future.

Where mileage data has been recorded, we can confirm all of the records to give you an indication as to any alterations. This mileage data is again, a very important factor when it comes to car valuation.

If you purchase a vehicle without an Hpi check and later discover the mileage to be inaccurate and more than you believed at the time of purchase, you could easily lose up to £100 for every additional 1000 miles discovered. Mileage fraud is a major problem in the auto industry with a large number of vehicles checked having been ‘clocked’. Discovering a mileage discrepancy in the future will unlikely allow you any recourse with the seller, so make sure that BEFORE you agree to purchase, you do a Free HPI Check!