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Outstanding vehicle finance can result in you losing your car or being left in debt. Investing in a car check can save you substantial worry and possible financial losses. If you are buying a vehicle from a private seller, possibly with a bank loan, you could discover he has not settled his own financial debt and the bank or finance company hold the legal title to it.

This could lead to you not only having the vehicle repossessed but also being left with the your own loan to settle. We cannot stress enough the need to check for any third party interest before investing in a pre-owned vehicle. Many private buyers are unaware of their personal responsibilities when purchasing a vehicle from a private seller.

Once money has been exchanged, most of the obligations of the seller are removed. You have taken on the responsibility of ownership.

Should you discover any faults with it, whilst you could go to trading standards, it is a long and often pointless exercise that will often only result in personal time and cost. If you do discover outstanding finance, many financial institutions will usually be prepared to accept an offer to settle, but in many cases this could equate to more than 50% of the value of the vehicle, meaning you have paid almost one and a half times the value of it.

A major financial loss that will never be recovered. A free hpi check will accurately identify the vehicle in the first instance, allowing you to then take advantage of various checks including a stolen vehicle search, a write off check and much more. Clicking on the number plate checker below will direct you to a free vehicle identity check.

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